Article #2 Read 180

The Read 180 program continues to be successful!

Currently the program is being used in three band-operated schools for students in grades 4 – 7 as their literacy program. Contact has been made to all Read 180 teachers, as well as principals and Directors of Education in the communities where Read 180 is being utilized.

Read 180 teachers have each been given a $500 allocation to purchase books for their classroom libraries. These books align with the Read 180 curriculum and have Lexile levels and comprehension quizzes associated with each of them, making data collection easier for teachers.

Presently a Read 180 professional development day has been scheduled for November 29th at Natoaganeg School. The focus of the PD is on: Aligning the Read 180 program to the provincial outcomes, Data Analytics and Reporting, Communication, and Instructional and Intervention Design.