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First Nation Education Initiative Incorporated welcomes you to our website and we are hopeful that you will return to visit us often! F.N.E.I.I. is a First Nation Regional Managing Organization that came into existence in 2004 through Federal contributions. First Nation Education Initiative Inc. represents an alliance of seven First Nation communities from the province of New Brunswick which includes: Buctouche, Eel Ground, Eel River Bar, Fort Folly, Indian Island,  Metepenagiag, and Pabineau.  We provide our member First Nations with the opportunity to further strengthen the overall quality, accessibility and relevance of education programs for First Nation people in New Brunswick.  Our goal is to improve student achievement for all First Nation students beyond the levels of their non First Nation peers

Mission Statement

Establish and maintain an educational jurisdictional model for First Nations education, which will result in improved capacity for First Nations educators ultimately leading to improvements in the educational outcomes for all First Nations students attending Band Operated and Provincial schools.

mi'kmaq and maliseet meeting on the river

Our History

In 1994, through contribution from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, the First Nations Education Initiative was formed, consisting of 11 of 15 New Brunswick First Nations communities.  From 1994-1999, the member communities effectively collaborated on efforts to address problems facing First Nations students and a number of key milestones were achieved.


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mi'kmaq and maliseet meeting on the river